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Embedded- linux [ Share ,Read]
It is a course of embedded system programming in Linux.
By this course you learn about both Linux and embedded system. and programming of embedded system in 

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Linux For Beginner 4 [ Share ,Read]
 Linux For Beginner
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Linux For Beginner 3 [ Share ,Read]
 Linux For Beginner
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Linux For Beginner 2 [ Share ,Read]
 Linux For Beginner
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Red Hat Linux For Beginner 1 [ Share ,Read]
 Linux For Beginner
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Ubuntu Installation [ Share ,Read]

About Ubuntu

Linux was already established as an enterprise server platform in 2004. But free software was still not a part of everyday life for most computer users. That's why Mark Shuttleworth gathered a small team of developers from one of the most established Linux projects – Debian - and set out to create an easy-to-use Linux desktop, Ubuntu.

The vision for Ubuntu is part social and part economic: free software, available free of charge to everybody on the same terms, and funded through a portfolio of services provided by Canonical.

 The first version of Ubuntu was based on the GNOME desktop. We have since added a KDE edition, Kubuntu, and a server edition. All of the editions of Ubuntu share common infrastructure and software, making Ubuntu a unique platform that scales from consumer electronics to the desktop, and into the cloud for enterprise computing. Developers can work on their desktop of choice, and smoothly deliver code to cloud servers running the stripped-down Ubuntu Server Edition.

In recent years, special emphasis has been placed on netbooks for lightweight, connected, mobile computing, and on the cloud as a new architecture for data centres. Ubuntu is a pioneer in both fields, with Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud setting the standard for easy deployment and management. Ubuntu is hugely popular on Amazon's EC2 and Rackspace's Cloud, and is pre-installed on computers from Dell, Lenovo and other global vendors.

Ubuntu still is and always will be free to use, share and develop. We hope it will bring a touch of light to your computing – and we hope that you'll join us in helping to build the next version too.

How to Install Ubuntu on Android!

How to Install Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet!

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on your Nexus One or Android phone!

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Android Tablet!

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Linux centos Installation [ Share ,Read]
CentOS Enterprise Linux 5 is built from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. Other than logo and name changes CentOS Enterprise Linux 5 is compatible with the equivalent Red Hat version. This document applies equally to both Red Hat and CentOS Enterprise Linux 5.
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NIS, which stands for Network Information Services, was developed by Sun Microsystems to centralize administration of unix
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Test [ Share ,Read]
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SVN Configure in Linux [ Share ,Read]
Subversion is an open source revision control software which is designed to be a modern replacement of CVS. This tutorial describes how to setup a SVN repository in a Linux/Unix machine, how to checkout/import modules, update/commit changes to the repository under Windows/Linux.
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Good Resource for beginners to Learn Shell Scripting in Linux .
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