8 Secrets To Start And Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

8 Secrets To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

Nowadays, Many people wants to know about how to grow YouTube channel from 0. In this post, we’re going to discuss the 8 secrets to grow your YouTube channel fast. You can use these tips to grow your YouTube channel quicker than ever before. It will help you to grow your channel by acquiring more video views and subscribers. These are some basics YouTube Channel Tips for beginners should be following by now.

Know Your Audience In YouTube

First of all you must find out who is Your audience and what they would like to watch in order to create successful YouTube videos. Your YouTube video content helps the viewers to achieve their goals whether is it entertainment or much needed information they are looking for.

Video must be showing on Google and you have to use relevant keywords in your title, tags and text. With custom thumbnail images you can attract more YouTube views. Create Playlists and use Cards and End Screens. Promote your YouTube Videos and build a strong relationship with YouTube Viewers.

Here Are The 8 Steps To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast-

#1 Secret: Make Sure Your Video Is Showing Up On Google

This is the tip No.1 to Grow My YouTube Channel- Your YouTube video content has to be good for the viewers but also well optimized to show up in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Add some text and links in the video description box to make it more searchable and helpful for your viewers. Checkout the 15 Best SEO Tools For Free Online.

how to start and grow your youtube channel fast

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#2 Secret: Use Relevant Keywords In Your YouTube Video

There is a YouTube algorithm which helps to find out videos that a lot of people are searching for, based on many paramaters like Video Title, Description, Tags, subtitles user engagement, number of YouTube views and an average Watch time. So, you have to use relevant keyword in your YouTube Video Title, Description, Tags, Subtitles.

Use Relevant Keywords In YouTube Video

#3 Secret: Build A Strong Relationship With YouTube Viewers

Audience Engagement is very important. More you interact with your viewers – they will be more likely to watch more of your videos. Ultimate goal is turning them into loyal followers of your upcoming videos.

You should reply to their comments, make contests and reaction YouTube videos.

Build Your Relationship with YouTube Viewers

#4 Secret: Get More YouTube Views With Custom Thumbnail Images

YouTube video thumbnail images are a very important part of how viewers decide what they want to watch. Custom thumbnail images should be attention-grabbing and attractive but yet related to the video title and topic.

#5 Secret: Create Playlists To Increase The Number Of Plays

By creating a playlist as soon as one of your YouTube videos ends – the next will begin in a second. This way the viewers will stay longer on your channel and play more of your videos.

Create YouTube Video Playlist

#6 Secret: Use Cards and End Screens

Cards are pop-ups appearing during a video and they can link to your other video and help you to increase the ovverall number of views. The video you link to has to be providing related information in that particular moment in order to motivate viewers to watch it.

End Screen is a feature that appears in the last 20 seconds of a YouTube Video. They lead the viewers to the next videos, channel or playlists. That is a clickable box that helps you to asquire more views but also subscribers.

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#7 Secret: Promote your YouTube videos

You can use Social Networks to promote YouTube channel. You can share your video link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, if people continue sharing it it can even go viral, a dream come true for all YouTubers. This is the best YouTube Channel Idea for your Video’s.

#8 Secret: Ask people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel

You have probably noticed how content creators on YouTube ask from their audience to “hit the subscribe button”. That way they are creating a strong subscribers base that will watch their new videos as soon as they publish them.