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Ethical Hacker Salary Trends in Different Countries

Government sectors and businesses are requiring Certified – Ethical – Hackers (C-E-Hs) to ensure the systems, networks, and apps that are safe from cyber attackers. When any data of the company is leaked or else a denial of service-attack is turning out the system of the company down, money has been stolen and the reputation of the company might be striking. Companies are interested to give higher pays to ethical hackers who are having a relevant education, attaining appropriate CEH certification training along with relevant experience.

Certified – ethical – hackers are using similar methodologies as criminal-hackers to finding out the weakest points in a computer network of a company. They have the power to make developments in such kind of susceptibilities and work to save the remaining system to avoid an outer side’s security-related breach. Moreover, these hackers are highly certified via EC-Council’s C-E-H certificate. Few of the educational institutes are offering numerous courses and degrees – which are according to the curriculum of EC-Council and let individuals prepared for the examination of CEH. Ethical hackers can be supposed to work in the corporate department or the government Information Technology area.

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hackers are the ones who are proficient experts employed for their great mechanical and non-technical abilities, as well as high – the level of expertise. Their task is to identify and deal with the exploits, susceptibilities that are targeting the networks and systems. The main variance which differentiates an ethical hacker from a much-feared black-hat hacker is; ethical hacker is working with the consent of the owners of a network or system.

The ethical-hacker has to follow the rules and regulations of the owner of a network or system, as well as the laws of their state too. The main motive of the white hacker is to evaluate the security posture of a business or an organization. In a formal security field, ethical hackers are more frequently recognizes as Cybersecurity – specialists.

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Salary Trends for Ethical Hacking in Different Countries


An estimated income of an Ethical Hacker in the state of United States of America is $96K

Popular Cities:

  • San Diego, California $76,887 – $123,987
  • Atlanta, Georgia $49,671 – $111,456
  • San Antonio, Texas $52,562 – $91,876
  • New York, New-York $50,251 – $126,998
  • Washington, District – of – Columbia $68,112 – $127,225


An average salary of an Ethical Hacker in the region of Australia is AU$102K

Popular Cities:

  • Melbourne, Victoria AU$54,438 – AU$146,311
  • Sydney, New – South – Wales AU$56,395 – AU$134,457


Ethical Hacker’ average range of income in INDIA is Rs 551K

Popular Cities:

  • Hyderabad, Andhra – Pradesh Rs 247,825 – Rs 973,746
  • Pune, Maharashtra Rs 255,121 – Rs 1,051,491
  • Chennai, Tamil – Nadu Rs 240,887 – Rs 912,776
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra Rs 217,221 – Rs 1,073,971
  • Bangalore, Karnataka Rs 254,721 – Rs 1,134,991


An approximated salary of an Ethical Hacker in the United Arab Emirates is AED 181K

Popular Cities:

  • Abu Dhabi AED 51,671 – AED 306,12
  • Dubai AED 61,779 – AED 302,775


An approximated income of an Ethical Hacker in a state of Canada is C$74K

Popular Cities:

  • Vancouver, British – Columbia C$85,500
  • Ottawa, Ontario C$71,6100
  • Moncton, New – Brunswick C$107,1100
  • Montreal, Quebec C$52,661 – C$82,871
  • Toronto, Ontario C$51,221 – C$98,631

Career Path to Become an Ethical Hacker

Once a person is decided to move towards the field of IT and also make their career prospect in this domain, there are a lot of career opportunities to keep following for ethical hackers. Here are some of the main pathways to give a thorough look as deliberated by the certified pros.

Acquire Network Basics

An ethical hacker is supposed to keep working on the systems and networks almost every time. So, in that case, they have to learn the fundamentals of the network, as well as other networking protocols. It would give a cherry on the top in case a person joined some of the Info-Tech learning programs on account to attain a smooth basis on the network.

Get a Certification

Once you get into the security field, there are numerous opportunities to think through, such as C-C-S-P, C-E-H, or C-I-S-S-P, and several others. You have an option to accomplish any of the certificates, and at this time you would find some amazing advancement in your career prospect.

Notice Roles and Responsibilities

Always remember to keep judging your abilities on all the above-mentioned aspects, and you would rapidly assess the ways to enhance your remaining abilities and level of expertise.

Initiate Your Career Right Away!

As soon as you are getting the clarity of every single thing, and also attained the fundamental knowledge, then now, it is the correct time to go and keep applying for different kinds of job options to take an initiative in your potential career like an ethical hacker promptly.

Credentials to Work as a Certified Ethical Hacker

As soon as you are getting a job in the domain of ethical hacking, you just require owning the relevant credentials. All you need to have several years’ experience within the field of Info Tech for many big size organizations, as well as government sectors to think of you for employing. However, you might also require at least a degree in bachelor’s on account to get a job at any renowned organization. Though – there are a lot of organizations that are in a search of ethical hackers, so in that case, such credentials are not required all the time.

Any recommendation which is a must-have is fundamentally a certification. Once you turn out to be a certified ethical-hacker, organizations get to make aware that you owe the technical expertise to perform your job in a better way, and also you have essential soft skills – just like enhanced communication, problem-solving skills, and social engineering.

On the other side of the coin, when we consider the above-mentioned trends of salary, we can make a sum up that Ethical-Hackers are getting high pay and their demand is also very high throughout the sphere. If this blog is giving the answer to all of your queries and still there is not any doubt regarding this field then it is recommended to go ahead and start your career in the domain of cyber-security without thinking for any single second.

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