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Job Opportunities In Sitecore


In this era of technology and automatons, we feel more like living in a world where “Terminator” is real and “Transformer” is a reality. Everything is at our beck and call. Everything is computerized and software integrated. Software is the most powerful invention of man. Not only it helps in the functioning of all sectors of a nation but also fighting wars and producing combat equipment. Hospitals, medical facilities, police, army, and everything that comes to our mind are dependent upon software to work with complete effectiveness and efficiency.

 What is Sitecore?

One of the software that helps in leading experience in digital is Sitecore. It is used by different organizations globally for creating a flawless coherent digital experience. It helps to manage multiple sites in one platform, therefore one doesn’t need to haggle into different sites to procure the desired results. It is one of the most advanced marketing tools that is helping online marketers to manage data effectively.

By customizing the digital experience and by providing a depth insight into different customer activities, Sitecore tends to satisfy a huge number of clients. Sitecore is a dutch product created in the year 2001 and within a span of a few decades, it has taken the marketing world by storm. Sitecore provides a lot of lucrative job opportunities and career options for the benefit and welfare of the people.

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 Here is a list of some special position that one can achieve with Sitecore Training:

 1. Sitecore Software Engineer

 They usually design and develop applications and services that provide data to the transaction system and process the business information available to both companies and customers. They install software solutions that can be accessed easily by the clients.

 They are a bridge responsible for shifting the entire blogging sites from non-Sitecore platform to Sitecore and help in downloading bulky information from any platform to Sitecore. They enhance every application and make recommendations about various systems associated with Sitecore Development Projects.

 They are mainly hired by Atos-Syntel, Hexaware Technologies, Capgemini Technologies, ITC

 Infotech India Ltd and many others.

 Their salary packages ranging from 28,000/- to 35,000/- per month for juniors Sitecore software engineers.

 2. Sitecore Lead developer

 They are translators who translate and convert the business requirement into technical codes and follow the quality control process. They collaboratively work with other developers and analysts and assist the client in solving troubleshoot and critical problems.

 They get involved in discussions with the product owner to clarify the exact requirements.

 They help the development team in personalizing and implementing tests of the product


 They are hired by lucrative companies like Accenture, Cognizant Technology, Mindtree, etc.

 These Sitecore Lead developers earn a salary which ranges from 5.3 l per annum to 6 lakh

 per annum.

 3. Sitecore Architect

 They are responsible for the functioning technical track of a project. They create technical design and implement them as per client requirements.

 Along with developing a high-quality standard of technical design, they also mentor juniors to upgrade their consulting capacities and engage them in proper execution in Sitecore development.

 They create a beautiful eye-catching pleasant experience by providing an easy, lucid website for their visitors and clients.

 They are hired by big companies like Squircle IT consulting service, Photo Interactive, Sitecore Tech.,TCS, Accenture, and many more.

 They get paid around 4lakhs to 5lakhs per annum based on their experiences.

 4. Sitecore web Developer

 They are also called “web content editors”. They not only coordinate in multiple large-scale projects for a variety of industrial and digital clients but also help in building and customizing website with Sitecore CMS. They give most emphasis to CMS, CRM, and e-commerce applications for handling their projects.

 They maintain web environments and provide roadmaps and other information needed for the optimization of results.

 They focus on delivering new and creative solutions to all the troubleshoot problems that a client faces.

 They are mainly hired by Accenture, TCS, Mindtree, Digitas, and many bigger industries.

 The average salary ranges from 20,152/- per month to 33,000/- based on the years of experience.

 5. Sitecore Reliability Engineer

 They establish project goals and update project schedules and timelines for every execution. They participate in recruitments of project personnel and they assign duties and responsibilities to each of them.

 They also coordinate the working of all and ensure the best quality software development for the clients. They manage the whole team and meet the client’s expectations in timely software deliveries.

 They are mainly hired by big companies like Hitachi, TCS, Accenture, Zapier.inc, and many more.

 These Sitecore reliability engineers earn a stable income of 4.5 lakh to 6.7 lakh per annum.

 6. Freelancers

 Sitecore also offers a platform for freelancers to earn a huge income based on their qualifications in different roles such as developers and programmers. They earn a salary based on bidding.

 Sometimes big and well-known freelancers put an hourly rate of a certain amount in dollars for their work. In that way, a freelancer earns quite a decent sum.

 Sitecore offers freelancing in the following roles:

 a. Automaton Engineer

 b. Full-stack developers

 c. Content management

 d. Producer analyst

 e. Front end developer

 f. Page designer

 Freelancers can work from home at their own places and time and they have much more liberty in work than permanent workers.


 Sitecore is still in a new phase for 3 rd world countries like India. But in the near future, one can predict that more jobs will be available in the Indian subcontinent with Sitecore CMS

 developing service. For one to get a lucrative package with a good salary and other facilities, one has to be a certified developer after clearing the certification exams. Slowly demand for Sitecore developers is increasing but at present India has a dearth of personnel expertise in Sitecore Programs and designs. Sitecore has shown promising results in countries like the USA, Japan, and European nations. Sitecore offers a well-settled career perspective in software platforms to deserving candidates.  So what are you waiting for? Join Sitecore Course now

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