Kim Jong-Un | North Korean Leader battling between life and death!

kim jong-un

Kim Jong-Un Fight Between Life and Death

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un life, known for cruelty and ruthlessness, has snatched the lives of many people.

Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s life, identified for brutality and ruthlessness, has snatched the lives of many people. In the international media, reports are being quoted by a US official that Kim Jong-un may be in ‘grave danger’ after heart surgery. This report is published on 21 April.

The source of this report can be said to be a South Korean Internet news outlet specializing in North Korea. It was reported that Kim Jong-un underwent heart surgery earlier this month and since then he is resting in his private villa.

Speculation About Kim Jong-Un

kim jong-un

Speculation about Kim’s health had begun a week earlier, when he was missing from the country’s most important event. A national level is held annually on 15 April in memory of Kim’s late grandfather and North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, but this time Kim did not attend it. In North Korea, this day is a public holiday throughout the country.

Amid speculation about Kim’s critical illness, the South Korean government said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in a critical condition after the surgery.
South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency, however, has not confirmed any such report. Not only this, no response was received from South Korea’s Rashtrapati Bhavan, seeking a response from the media.

However, amid reports of Kim Jong-un becoming seriously ill in the international media, South Korea said that Kim was not seriously ill. Explain that Kim took over as the leader after his father and late leader Kim Jong-il died in late 2011

Kim Jong-Un Father Was Also ‘Missing’

Experts could not believe why Kim Jong Un was not coming to him, as to why he was missing from his grandfather’s birthday celebration. Earlier, if the North Korean leader did not appear on such occasions, it was believed that something big had happened.

North Korean affairs expert Bruce Klinger

North Korean affairs expert Bruce Klinger said, “For a long time, a lot of rumors about Kim’s health were flying.” If he is in the hospital, it explains why he was not involved in the April 15 celebration.

Bruce says that even before that many fake information about Kim Jong Un or his father has been revealed. We will have to wait for now. Earlier in 2008, speculation was heightened when Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong II did not appear in the celebrations to mark 60 years of North Korea. It was later revealed that Kim Jong Eul had a heart attack. After this, his health deteriorated and he died in 2011.

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