What are the Methods to Check Train PNR Status on Mobile?

Train PNR Status Enquiry On Mobile Online

Train PNR Status On Mobile

In the Indian railway passenger reservation system, reservation against cancelation (RAC) tickets and waiting list tickets are very normal. It can result in much confusion among railway passengers. They may be rushing about in the last minutes to know their Train PNR Status On Mobile.

Earlier when the system was manual, it was very difficult and troublesome for the passengers. But today with the development of science and technology has reached to a next level; you can get the information about your PNR status through mobile.

Ways To Get Train PNR Status On Mobile

1. PNR Enquiry Via Tool

There are multiple website on google who provides PNR Status Services Via PNR Enquiry Tool. You have to do one thing Just Visit website then Enter your 10 Digit PNR Number. After that you will get the PNR Status of your train online.

Check Your Train PNR Status and Live Train running Status hereTrain PNR Status Enquiry Tool

PNR Enquiry Via Tool

2. PNR Status Via SMS

The Second easy way, is to use the 3 digit SMS code and your get the current position of your PNR. The three digit code is 139, arranged by the IRCTC. However, while using the 3-digit code, you will be charged premium SMS charges by your mobile service provider.

To use the code, you need to type your SMS text as PNR followed by your PNR number without any space and send it to the number 139. In other words we can say that for using this service, you will need to enter your PNR and send it to the number 139.

PNR Status Via SMS

3. Check PNR Status Through Google SMS Services

Apart from this facility, there is an also a Third easy way is to check PNR on your mobile. You can entertain this service by sending SMS using the 10 digit mobile number.This service is considerably provided by Google. Send your PNR number to 9773300000 to check your PNR status. This is better than the previous way as this service does not let you pay a heavy amount.

PNR Status Through Google SMS Services

4. PNR Status Via Mobile App

Give the impact of increased requirement of a feasible tool to know the PNR status, many companies have developed mobile app. Install this app from Google play in your mobile. This app comes with more than one facility. You can enjoy multiple services by using the mobile app such as you know your PNR status, know train running schedule, order foods while traveling, locate train position, and much more.

PNR Status Via Mobile App

5. PNR Enquiry Via Indian Railways Website

In addition to this, you can also use your GPRS enabled phone. For using this service, enable your phone with a data plan. Browse through the phone to the Indian railways website and check your PNR status at the “Check PNR” option. The last option to check your PNR status is to call the Railway helpline number.

However, this method is supposed to be not as good as the other ways as it is through the Railway helpline. To use this service, you need to call the Railway helpline number 139 and follow the steps as per the Interactive Voice Response system.

Indian Railways Official Website

So use any of the services mentioned above and check your PNR status on your mobile.