5 Myths And Realities About Project Management Meetings

Project Management Meetings

Today, let’s dig into some of the myths and realities about project management meetings so that you can start your project with a healthy mindset and ultimately, your presentation in the meeting would be better than ever!

Project management is very crucial when it comes to organizational success. Over the years, the principles of project management have been used to update as well as transform the process and people. This field requires optimizing talent, tools, strategies, and having all of these would lead you to the desired outcomes in terms of budget, time, and quality.

As currently, this field is at a hot topic so you might have heard a lot of things about managing the project. But you don’t have to believe all of them. Or if you give the myth more importance then it would be difficult for you to meet the requirement of project objectives.

In this article, we are going to bust 5 myths and realities about project management meetings. But before digging into it, let’s have a quick look at which types of meetings are important in project management. 

1. Project status meeting

The project status meeting is the key to project success. Most of the project management professionals recommend this meeting for fixing a particular agenda of the project.

For this, you have to set the deadlines for the team, then acknowledge the team about the risks and issues that may they have to face, emphasis on the significant project milestone, discuss the budget, and let the team member share their thoughts as well as comments on the project.

2. Project Kickoff meeting

For being a successful project manager, you have to begin the project on the right foot neither too late nor too earlier. Let your team know about particular timings, take time to go to each table for their introduction, if you have multiple teams call them in-person and let them discuss their opinion about the project.

Sharing the key facts about the project is a must; such as its budget, date, estimated team size, and acknowledgment about the challenges that they might face.

3. A stakeholder meeting is a must

Looking according to a business perspective, winning as well as sustaining the support of your organization’s stakeholders is very crucial. So, timely you have to schedule the meeting for Stakeholder. Listen to feedback and their opinions on the project updates. If you have to deal with several stakeholders, then just focus this meeting on a few of the influential stakeholders.

4. Project review meeting

If you are looking for the best result of your project then schedule this meeting a few days earlier of project completion day. Go through each project phase and this is one of the excellent opportunities to look after how your project unfolded.

5. Urgent change control meetings

Despite giving your best in the project, some unwanted surprises would be there for you. But at this moment instead of freaking out, do the work more smartly. Call your team and inform them about the sudden changes. Convince them to do certain changes as soon as possible.

Hence, the above were 5 common meetings that every successful project manager organizes for project success. Now, let’s talk about 5 myths as well as realities of project management meetings.

Every successful project manager knows when and why to call the meeting. They have well-equipped meeting skills. These skills can be equipped by a particular type of course such as PMP or project management professional. Beside PMP, you can give a shot to the Prince2 course. Moreover, you can also apply for agile project management certification where you can learn all of the agile methodologies.

Moreover, if you do not have these above certifications, then you can go through the following five critical types of project meetings. Get masters in these fundamental meeting and you are all set to run the complex meeting as well.

#1. Myth- Customers Feedbacks Are Always Right in Meeting

Customer’s feedback is always considered right. In the meeting, the blame would be on one person as the customer didn’t like the project.  Customers are considered as the gods as per talking in business language. 


But project management is very different than any normal seller thing. In project management, clients don’t know what they are looking for.

Yes, you should listen to your customer, but if they are wrong, then you should refrain from treating their word as an immovable doctrine about your project. Customers can be wrong in certain circumstances. Sometimes they can be wrong in their assumption about the processes, markets, and products.

#2. Myth- Project management certification is must

There’s a myth that if you don’t have project management certification then you can’t achieve success in a project management career. One should have the certification for having a bright future in this field.


If you don’t have project management certification, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good project manager. The certification would add value to your project management career and impart you some of the skills and strategies for managing the project.

But you can also achieve mastery in project management decision making by looking forward to real-world project scenarios. So, don’t let your hope down if you don’t have certification.

#3. Myth- Technology would rescue all of the project problems

In this tech era, everyone has become dependent on technology. If anything goes wrong, then say hi to technology rather than running your mind. Many of the project management and collaboration software can bring a lot of difference in the life of project managers such as Microsoft Project, Asana, Slack, and Trello.


No one is saying that you should disagree with the technology as it is crucial but its potential depends on team integration, adoption, and training. Many of the top talents can deliver mind-blowing outputs by using the most crucial software. But on the other hand, the finest practitioners can make even the most crucial software inadequate.

#4. Myth- Stick to the same plan no matter what

If you stick to the same plan from the beginning of the project till the end then only you would succeed. Even if the plan fails, stick to that plan only as at some moment it would get fit in the project. It’s just a matter of patience.


In this fast forward era where everything keeps upgrading in seconds, it would be only a fool who sticks to only one plan. In project management, the manager has to be flexible even at the last moment changes.

#5. Myth- Project management is a synonym of non-stop paperwork

In project management, you have to stick to your beloved notebook and pen. This is the identity of the project manager, if you don’t carry a notebook and pen with you, then you are not one of them.


In the early days, the project managers used to carry a notebook and pen with them but don’t you think a lot has been changed since then. In today’s era, the project managers are usual to write emails, prepare documentation, meeting recordings, and much more digital.

Few of them still carry a notebook and pen, so that they can seek some of the creative ideas, or plan the procedure when they go out.

Hence, the above was everything about 5 myths and realities of project management meetings.