Starting a project comes with huge responsibility and lot of work. To ensure the smooth work till its completion, you get professional service. The construction project management also referred as CM is that professional service that involves planning, coordination and execution of a project from start to finish. As the construction projects require completing certain objectives within some specific constraints, the CM uses technology and knowledge of modern management as well as understanding of construction process. Construction management can handle all the seven branches of construction namely residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural, industrial, and heavy civil and environmental constructions.

Stages Involved In Construction Management

The construction project management begins with the birth of the project that is the bidding phase and finishes with the closedown of the project. Hence the phases of the construction and the management are same.

  • Design: The design process starts with bidding process, planning the project and selection of contractor. The programming, feasibility, design development, preparing of documents etc are carried in this phase in construction project management.
  • Pre-construction: After the bidding process is over, the contractor is chosen. The contactor is paired with people of the project team including project manager, field engineer, contract administrator and superintendent to start site investigation. 
  • Procurement: Labor, materials, equipment are purchased in this stage.
  • Construction: A meeting is held with vendors and subcontractors to decide the pay, working hours, storage, handling plan, quality control etc. before construction work starts.
  • Commissioning: After the construction is over, the project team tests all the systems and equipment to see things are working well and then handovers to building owner. The team also trains the people of the owner in maintenance and operation.
  • Owner occupancy: The warranty period starts with owner occupying the building. The project team ensures the quality of materials and equipment meets the expectations outlined in the contract.
  • Closeout: If any other obligations are left, they are carried out by the team.

Advantages Of Construction Management To The Project

  • When you take the service of construction project management, you get the biggest benefit of getting your work sorted by experts. You are the priority for the team and they with their knowledge and expertise will make right decisions that will progressively work in the project completion within the stipulated time.
  • The team under the construction project management is comprised with only qualified people. They have enough knowledge and experience to deliver on the client’s demands.
  • The manager ensures that the work done is of high quality only. Their job starts with deciding the quality control before the start of construction and they check everything after completion.
  • The process starting from competitive bidding, contract negotiations etc. are done by the project manager. They develop budgets for the project working with the construction team and ensure the work is efficiently completed within the budget. This helps in saving in the total project costs.
  • They form the main point of communication between different sources. They collect information from these sources, filter them and provide them to the required team. This removes the chances of any miscommunication or error.

The construction project management requires the knowledge of management along with familiarity with the construction. The functions of the management team include defining the objectives of the project clearly. They must plan everything related to the project including the budget, scheduling, selection of people for the project and setting the performance requirement. They need find the labor, materials and equipment and ensure efficient utilization of resource. There are different operations in the construction; the team has to make sure these are carried away properly through effective coordination. Communication is the main function of the management which they use to sort out any conflicts among the participants and complete the work successfully.


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