Shop For The Best-branded Gear Cycle This Festive Season

The pandemic has pushed people to explore independent fitness and the outdoors as entertainment options. A lot of neighbourhoods are seeing a higher amount of walkers, joggers and cyclists as youngsters and work-from-home corporate junkies look for a balance between work, study and play. Even people who previously frequented gyms and other group fitness classes are now exercising outdoors — walking, jogging or biking around the neighbourhood. Additionally, as road trips to drivable destinations become prevalent and people want to explore destinations independently — avoiding any group activities, gear cycles are seeing a huge spike in demand.

Gear cycles are also witnessing a huge uptake as parents want to make their trapped-at-home children happy, and as many families have moved (or at least make more frequent visits) to their holiday homes amidst remote working and virtual lectures. If you are looking for a branded gear cycle for yourself or for a loved one this festive season, here are some excellent options to consider before buying the gear cycles with price.

Omobikes Manali G7 MTB cycle

This gear cycle comes with 7 gears — the shifters and gears boast 7-speed options. It is ideal for children above 13 years of age as well as grown-ups, which makes it a great bike if your family prefers to share rather than get individual bicycles for each person. The rider height can be anywhere between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 10 inches. The Ombikes model uses Ralson tyres and a Sell Mio Super Saddle seat for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Safety is also guaranteed, with its front and back dual disc brakes.

When you purchase Omobikes online, you get the cycle itself, its bell, lock, side stand, mudguard, assembly manual and assembly tools in the box upon delivery. A thoughtful feature of this bike is the riser handle for city-based riding, which is useful because most of us would use the same gear cycle during vacations as well as for a great workout within the city. This gear cycle also comes in three colour variants — black, green and orange.

Price: Rs. 16,600 to Rs. 22,000 approximately

Avon Yama 26T 21S gear cycle

This gear bike is targeted at boys above 12 years old and men, although it can also be used as a unisex bicycle. This Avon gear cycle comes with Shimano multi gears that offer 21-speed options. The seat consists of a PU cushion with a quick release for a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Additionally, the bicycle comes with a 65 mm adjustable handlebar.

Buyers can expect to get the bicycle itself, the bicycle saddle, paddles, Allen Key and a 13 hole spanner in the box.

Price: Rs. 18,200 to Rs. 21,500 approximately

Leader Ultima 26T JFI – 917

This cycle comes with 21 speed Shimano gears and is versatile in its usability because the rider height can be anywhere between 5 feet and 6 feet. This is one of the few bikes that can cater to children and (petite) grown-ups who are below 5 feet 3 inches. The cycle is also suitable for children over 10 years old and grown-ups, though its target audience is boys and men. Furthermore, the Leader Ultima model comes with front and rear disc brakes and a double padded PU saddle for a seat. The bike colouring is an attractive matte black and red, and it weighs a little over 14 kgs.

Price: Rs. 12,750 to Rs. 16,250

Omobikes Ladakh X7 cycle

This bike comes with 7 gears that together offer 7-speed options. In the box, buyers will get the bicycle itself, the lock, side stand, mudguard, bell and assembly tools. Although it is very similar to its Omobikes counterpart on this list in its dual disc brakes, with its riser handle for city riding, the three colour options (black, yellow and half yellow) and its Sell Mio Super Saddle seat, it targets a slightly taller rider with the ideal rider height placed between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. This Omobikes model’s claim to fame, according to the manufacturer, is that it is the lightest bike in its segment.

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