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Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding

Do you know the Top 10 Companies with successful crowdfunding? Don’t worry, In this blog, we are going to discuss the best crowdfunded companies around the world and this list is prepared by our experts based on success, story, and growth rate. Crowdfunding is a popular way worldwide to start a company. It allows individuals to share in the costs and invest in a particular product. In the last five years in India, some of the most highly successful startups in various industries got their start through crowdfunding. There are specific fundamentals that are considered necessary in order to be successful with this tool. Luckily, startup founders and others have made it a goal to share their expertise in order to encourage the next generation of innovators.

List of Top 10 Crowdfunding Around The World

Let’s discuss our top 10 crowdfunded companies around the world list and know about them.

1. Get Creative, Like SHASN

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 1

One thing to consider when starting a crowdfunding project is personability and creativity, as seen by SHASN, The Political Strategy Board Game company, which devised some very clever marketing tactics using social media in order to promote this game. Of course, this depends on the products, and in the leisure and entertainment category, companies must not be afraid to be fun, funny, and exciting in order to be able to get those investments. The name comes from Sanskrit, appealing to the local populace — which is an important part. SHASN was all over social media with beautifully designed banners encouraging people to “Influence Voters. Seize Power. Take a Stand.”

2. Innovate and Capitalize on Success, Like Zupee

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 2

This three-year-old gaming platform has over 250 million users thanks to its philosophy of creating innovative skill-based games and incentivizing learning for children. Zupee began as a small gaming company when its founders realized the most popular games were fluent in languages (thus can be played by anyone, anywhere) and encouraged learning certain skills. They capitalized on that success and began to release more, similar games. By the time they began to crowdfund, they had millions of users already, according to english.webdunia.com.

3. Look at What the Community Needs, like Khushi

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 3

Another way to create a successful company through crowd sharing is finding a gap in the community’s needs and creating a product centred around that. In the healthcare realm, Khushi created a durable, cheap, necklace that acts as a vaccination record for India’s children. In an age where it is still difficult to keep track of medical records amongst some rural communities, they’ve received a ton of support for providing a product that is beneficial.

4. Marketable Rewards, like Edible Cutlery

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 4

One of the reasons crowdfunding is successful is because of the actual “investors,” which are just individuals looking for new or unique products online. Many choose to give money to a company in return for the product, regardless of the company’s ad campaign success or brand message. Of course, it helps when the brand message is well-written and well-meaning, but at the end of the day — crowdfunders are shoppers. If you have a product that you can “sell” which will raise money for expansion projects or otherwise, crowdfunding can be very successful. Look at the company Edible Cutlery, which is offering investors who give a certain amount a set of their edible cutlery. Those that like the product will be back for a second set.

5. Look for Tech Advancements like Exploride

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 5

For example, Exploride went viral with their product, which ultimately is a transparent display that allows you to control phone calls, music, and more without detracting your eyes from the road while driving. It has become one of Asia’s most popular projects. They found something that affects a large part of the population and created a gadget that is useful and sells.

6. Focus on Goals Such as Health like Young Mountain Tea

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 6

One of Kickstarter’s most popular companies in India, Young Mountain Tea, talks about health and vitality while offering its tea products to consumers. Realizing that India’s population looks at certain local herbs and plants with admiration, their founders began using that information to develop a company beloved by locals and tourists alike.

7. Niche Marketing Like the Great Indian Obsession

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 7

Finding niche audiences is a sure-fire way to propel your project to the top, like the Great Indian Obsession. The creator began making T-shirts for engineers, which relied on a specific brand of humour. Much to their surprise, that audience became huge, and the founder was able to publish a book aimed at people who found themselves in a profession they hate.

8. Tell a Story like The Unusual Inventor Film Production

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 8

This has become a national success tale. The story of The Unusual Inventor, based on Arunachalam Muruganantham, who created cheap and easy access to sanitary pads in India, has raised a ton of money for film production. They were able to fundraise because this story is historic and compassionate, which encourages the crowdfunding!  Once you understand your audience, you can create marketing campaigns that will attract them.

9. Let the Dream Fuel You, Like Mark Dharmi

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 9

This isn’t a business, but it is an important lesson. This fisherman’s son was so passionate about badminton that he created one of the most successful GoFundMe’s in the country. He fundraised for his training, travel, and other sports costs and his story caught national media attention simply because of passion.

10. Rely on Talent and Hard Work, Like Local Kung Fu 2

Top 10 Companies With Successful Crowdfunding 10

When director Kenny Basumatary needed funds for his second release, he looked at crowdfunding. This project was particularly popular as he already had a fan base and went for viral marketing campaigns that won over his home state. For more companies to become successful in this way, they must pay attention to what is popular and what their fans are requesting — and then not be afraid to step on the pedal when the time comes.

Whatever you do — crowdfunding requires authenticity, innovation, and good products, because online shoppers and investors aren’t fooled by mediocrity!

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 6:32 pm
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