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Unlock PDF Securely and Easily with GogoPDF

There are two main reasons for locking a pdf file: limiting the document’s access and preventing unauthorized alterations. Next is to avoid unauthorized reproduction and sharing of pdf files. In short, users or creators lock pdf for control and monitoring. 

On the contrary, you may want to unlock the pdf. Now, looking for the best online tool can be tiresome. The web may provide you with many options to choose from. Nonetheless, you must consider finding the best – online tool to ease your task of unlocking pdf. If creators forgot the files’ password, GogoPDF saves you the hassle of recovering the code for easy access.


Use the unlock pdf tool of GogoPDF and make files into readable and editable versions. GogoPDF is an online-based tool that offers convenient and free pdf–related applications. It provides a wide range of user-friendly applications and features for your PDF needs. Unlocking the pdf is only one of them. 

The tool features over 20 tools to help you modify, convert or secure your files. GogoPDF will help you manage your files more efficiently. Thus, making you more productive and stress-free. 

Procedure to Unlock PDF With GogoPDF

To remove the password or code on a pdf file, follow the instructions below. 

Step One: Visit the GogoPDF website by typing it on your browser. It will immediately make you land on the webpage.

Step Two: Select the “Unlock PDF” tab on their page. 

Step Three: Select your pdf file from your computer. You may also drag and drop the file into the PDF Password Remover area. The tool will begin removing the password. Furthermore, it will also start decrypting the file.

Step Four: Wait for the process to finish in a few minutes. Now, you can save your unlocked file or share it on any social media platform you prefer.

Easily and Quickly Remove Passwords

GogoPDF holds your time and effort in the highest regard. This one is the main reason why it provides customers and clients with easy access and reliable tools. 

Unlocking pdf has never been this worry-free and quick process. Unlock your pdf files swiftly with GogoPDF. Remove any password within minutes and enable yourself to manage your documents. Using this tool is effortless and time-saving. 

Compatibility is Never a Problem

GogoPDF’s unlock pdf tool is perfectly compatible with any major operating system. You will never have any issue with access using Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. In addition, you can avail yourself of the free version regardless of the operating system you use. 

It is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. You can unlock the pdf using GogoPDF provided you have a device and a reliable internet connection. Manage your files whenever and wherever you like.

How Does GogoPDF Unlock a File 

This online tool will eliminate special security permission from your pdf files that are owner–locked. Still, unlocking pdf files has its limitations. For instance, the GogoPDF unlock tool cannot handle highly encrypted pdf files. 

Moreover, you can only access pdfs with sophisticated encryption if you use the correct password. Therefore, an unlocking tool like GogoPDF still needs to create a way to handle such types of passwords on your pdf files. 

Other Useful Tools from GogoPDF

1. Share Document 

This one is handy when you are using email as your primary form of communication. This tool is beneficial when you need to send some files via email. Email servers have a limit regarding file attachments. GogoPDF file sharing tool answers this problem. 

2. Add Watermark 

Protect your intellectual property by using the add watermark feature from GogoPDF. Secure your content by adding a watermark. With GogoPDF, you can personalize watermarks by uploading an image or your logo to the server. You may also choose the size, color, and font of the text. 

3.Merge Your Documents 

Compile several files into one document using GogoPDF. Use the “Merge PDF” tool for this task. Upload your files into the toolbox, rearrange them, then hit the merge button. In no time, your merged file will be ready. 

4.Split PDF Pages 

Use this tool if you need to share only a few pages from your file. GogoPDF can split your files quickly. Moreover, it performs the process while maintaining the highest quality possible.  

5.Number PDF Pages 

Page number quickly is manageable with GogoPDF. So, you don’t have to be stressed out when you forget to include page numbers. You can do these in three easy steps with GogoPDF.


Users do not have to be anxious and lose patience once they forget their pdf passwords. GogoPDF offers an online alternative to remove any password fast! Unlock your pdf effortlessly using this tool. 

GogoPDF is your ultimate web-based tool for everything you need, from conversion, modification, and security features for your files. Visit GogoPDF and learn more about this online tool. 

Updated: September 13, 2021 — 10:22 pm
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