What is Domain Authority? How to check the DA of websites for Free

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of domain authority and how it is related to search engine optimization or your website, then you have landed yourself in the right place. In today’s article, we are going to tell you all about domain authority and how to check the authority of the website using free tools and techniques. Consider this article as one of the best SEO learning centers for yourself. You would not only learn about checking domain authority today, but you would also know how to prepare your site so that it can be able to rank on the higher shelves.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is one of the search engine’s ranking scores or factors. The domain authority of a website is the prediction of whether it would be able to rank itself on the search engine’s result pages. The domain authority score would tell you whether a website can grow and outrank its competition or not. The score of the website ranges from one to hundred. 

Now you must be thinking about how domain authority is calculated. Well, the calculation of domain authority is made after the evaluation of multiple factors like linking root domains and the number of total backlinks on a website. The DA score is used to compare the strength of websites from time to time. The ranking strength is a metric that is used by website owners and SEO managers to track the progress of the website and determine its success rate. According to Google, it has nothing to do with this metric and has no effects on the ranking position. 

What is good domain authority?

A good domain authority website is the one with the highest number of scores. Generally speaking, the websites that have high-quality backlinks or external links such as wiki are considered to be on the top of the domain authority scale. You must also understand that the websites that have fewer inbound links are the ones that have a relatively low domain authority score. Furthermore, the websites that have just started have a domain authority score of one. 

As this is a comparative metric and not an absolute ranking one, you can learn a lot from it. Domain authority is meant to predict the site’s ranking ability. This is the reason that we suggest our readers to not only strive for a higher DA score, but you should also check your competitor’s domain score so that you can optimize your content and your website more. Your goal is to beat the DA score of your competition, and this is what matters. As it is a comparative factor, so you don’t have to worry about lousy domain scores as there is nothing like that.

How does domain authority change?

Domain authority depends on a variety of factors. Thus it can be difficult for you to track the reasons behind the change. If your score has gone up or decreased, then there are a few potential factors that you can look into:

  • The link profile growth of your website is yet to be captured by the web index
  • The highest-authority websites have gone through a significant link growth, thus resulting in the scaling process.
  • Earning of links from the pages or websites which do not directly contribute to google.
  • More links have been added/indexed with your domain.
  • You can also be directly affected by the scaling fluctuation.

Here one should keep in mind that the page authority and the domain authority are two different things, and you should not overlap them. If you are thinking about how to check domain authority, then do not worry, we have gotten the best checker tool for you today.

Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority checker by SmallSEOtools is one of the brilliant creations of this website. It is the best online tool to check website authority as it is both free and reliable in its working. Use of This DA checker is simple and it can show you the exact position of the website in less than three to six seconds. SmallSeoTools domain authority checker uses advanced algorithms and AI to evaluate different factors on your website so that it can accurately determine the score. 

You have to open up the domain authority checker on your device using the browser, enter up to ten domains in the text box of this bulk DA checker tool. After completing the input, you have to click on the ‘Check Domain Authority’ button, and it would get you the accurate score of each domain that you have input in the tool. 

The reason that you should use this domain authority checker is that it is relatively fast and reliable in its results.