What Is AWS And How Does It Work?

AWS is known for providing its wide range of cloud computing services to millions of people around the world.

There are around 1 million active enterprise customers for AWS. AWS has customers in around 190 countries. AWS is the largest cloud service provider in the cloud market. In 2021 the total share of AWS is around 32% of the market share.

Many of them don’t know about AWS and how it works? In this, we will try to clear these topics.

Now let us know what is AWS and how does it work

What is AWS?

  • AWS is one of the most popular cloud service providers.
  • AWS offers multiple services like compute, database, storage, etc. It also deals with high-end technologies like machine learning, Artificial intelligence.
  • The AWS Course online would be the best option for companies to set up an IT infrastructure because it provides different kinds of tools for different kinds of customers according to their requirements with less cost.

How Does AWS Work?

As we discussed above AWS offers different types of services. Each service has its service mechanism.

So to know how AWS services work let us take an example of a website that is hosted on AWS. Now let us see how different services work for the website to maintain the AWS infrastructure.

  1. Compute: For hosting we need some servers for this we can use any compute service. For this, we use Amazon EC2 which is a secure and resizable virtual server.
  2. Database: Now for any website database is important. This service is responsible for managing complex database operations, scaling, backup operations, etc. We can use any database service. For this, we use RDS [Relational database Service].it takes care of time-consuming database administration tasks for you such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair. 
  3. Global footprint: Now we want to expand our web application globally. So AWS provides features. They are Availability zones, Regions, Edge locations.

Availability zone can be defined as a cluster of data centers. There will be multiple availability zones in a region.

Now Edge location is a service offered by AWS which is used to send the data and store it as a cache for the future.

Now if we consider the above example to make the website global we deploy the application in different availability zones. If we face any loss of data there will be a high availability of websites. different regions will have different pricing and services available. So the best way is to select a region that provides the best end-user latency and service selection for the lowest price while adhering to any data locality laws applicable to your business.

Edge locations can be used in situations where the data needs to be sent from one data center to the nearest data center according to the user’s request. So instead of sending the data every time the data is cached in the nearest data center.

So by using these services the user can get global access to the website.

  1. Data Security: Security also plays an important role in AWS. There are the best security experts to monitor and secure our infrastructure and also build and maintain our broad selection of innovative security services, which help you simplify meeting your security, compliance, and regulatory requirements. We use some security services like IAM [Identity Access Management] to limit the access of unauthorized users and maintain the traffic.

So these are some of the key features used in maintaining the AWS infrastructure. These depict the working of AWS with an example of a website.
Conclusion: So in this blog, we tried to cover what AWS is and how AWS works.

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