What Is Star And Bus Topology Define In A Simple Way?

Types of Topologies

We can define computer networking as a set of computer that are linked to each other for the purpose of sharing resources. Today the internet is widely shared across the globe with the help of computer networking. Apart from this we have a lot of peripheral devices that share networks such as printers, file-saver and many more. Internet is a perfect example of computer networking. Students who study computer networking get the opportunity to learn about various aspects of networking in a detailed manner they also need to work with various computer networking assignment and submit in a given time frame. Today in this article we will discuss some important detail about computer networking and its functionality and we will also discuss how you can pay someone to do assignment and get help with computer networking homework without facing any difficulty

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Definition Of Networking

Networking can be defined as set of computers that are connected to each other. Computers that are connected with each network known as nodes and the connection between these systems takes place via cabling. Ethernet cables and wirelessly connected radio waves are the most commonly used methods that we use for establishing a connection between every nodes. With the help of connected computers, we can easily share resources and access, connect printer, files and many more. A network is meant for serving multi-purpose connection which allows a lot of functionality to a single computer and worked in various possible ways

Network Connections That We Use For Sharing Resources

We can break down computer networks in various topologies. These topologies are meant for establishing connection between every single unit that is connected to the network. Ring topology is one of the most popular and used topology across the globe. The other most important thing for network topology  is protocol.

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Types Of Topologies

There are five types of topologies that are popularly famous all across the world in this article we will discuss the major type of topology first one is star topology and another one is bus topology.

Star topology

This is the basic form of topology in which there is a central node that extend cable to each computer on the network and it provides the perfect example of Star network. In this kind of topology every single computer is connected independently to the centralised network. The best thing about is this topology is when the cable is broken it can still perform its operation without having any interruption but it requires a lot of cabling.

Bus topology

This is a topology which provides network connectivity in the most simple way. In this design, there is a single cable linked with all the computers and information intended for the outermost node on the network. For example, if you want to access the last computer in the bus topology and access it’s data then data will transmit through all the computer linked in a network and this is the basic structure of bus topology. This is the basic information about bus topology if you want to have in-depth knowledge about this topology you can buy assignment help serviceand have in-depth knowledge about this form of topology and clear all your doubts.


Networking is meant for sharing resources any student who pursue their academic in networking get chance to study about every single topology in a detailed manner. If you are a student it and struggling to understanding the basic structure behind topologies then in such situation taking writing assistance from any reliable homework help website it would be a nice decision with the help of these websites you can easily deal with your academic task of writing and have in-depth analysis about various types of topology. I hope this article was capable enough to solve all your queries in case you have any suggestions regarding this article you can share your opinion and views in the comment section.