WordPress Inventory Management WooCommerce

WordPress Inventory Management WooCommerce

Inventory Management is itself a big platform to work on, by which you may get all sorts of help whenever you want it. As the tech is growing and with it, inventory management is also becoming slightly harder to access now than before.

But there is an inventory management software launched in the market which does not require a lot of assistance to manage this process. So there are many such tech software in the market who are giving this inventory management service and WooCommerce is one such the same.

So WooCommerce is an e-commerce based solution which has been used by many basically for the online store which has been used under inventory management. So this WooCommerce is used as a plugin on WordPress.

One such contributor to WooCommerce Inventory Management is Tradegecko. You may log-in to this and start with the service and facilities provided by them.

So below discuss what exactly WooCommerce is, its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is WooCommerce Inventory Management?

WooCommerce is mainly a software extension used on WordPress as a plugin which is free of cost. So this plugin is basically used by the online store and they download it, due to its many services helpful to them. Like e-commerce with inventory management which included placing the ordering process, the functionality of the shopping cart and there are many more.

WooCommerce is used as an extension or plugin by the online stores because they need to sell their different product or service which can be a physical service or goods or even digital services or facilities that the online store wants to give. Apart from serving to sell, they also have to maintain the transaction process of money good.

So in short with the help of the WooCommerce inventory management tool, you can manage many essential e-Commerce facilities required to fulfil the purpose of the online business. You can manage inventory management, sales tax management, shipping and handling cost calculations, coupons, and even international customers which help to expand your online store or business to more people in the world.

So WooCommerce has been launch in September 2011, since it has reached out to be the most used plugin on WordPress used mostly by the online store service or business. Over 4 years from it get introduced, in 2015, it can be easily available to purchase directly by Automatic and use it as a plugin on WordPress.

So till now, WooCommerce has achieved 350 different contributors for giving service of the WooCommerce code base. And by now it’s been most collaborated user-friendly software as a plugin.

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So the advantages you will get when you will work with WooCommerce plugin are:

  • It’s an open-source software which is free of cost.
  • The plugin is easy to install on WordPress to use in your online business.
  • So WooCommerce gives many updates of new features more often which is fun to apply.
  • So it’s one of the basic core functionality which also give you more than 300+ extensions
  • You will get many creative themes for your online store or business.

Apart from these, you will also get many beneficial functionalities of the plugin which result out to be good for your online store or business. So they are:

  • Inventory management of WooCommerce will allow you to access the complete catalog of product selling or service over any one location.
  • You can also help in managing any changes over any part of the product like description, amount, colour, size, make, model, price, etc.
  • There is an export feature by which you can even export a product catalog or sheet of review to any device you want so that you can review it later.
  • So in the exported area or device, you can view it manage it, get any changes, and then update from that remote device also. Just you have to take a copy of this to your main device before you get your update done.


With many benefits, this also has some cons which you must remember.

  • Though it has many features and services, but it’s not so easy to access as it seems as it is a little complicated to understand it.
  • As it has many settings which you have to set which lead you to multiple pages. Sometimes setting up this inventory management step by step before a slow process. And due to this, your energy and excitement to work on the business may let you down.
  • As it is a slow process, so it is time-consuming. So as you take more time to set up small processes and steps for managing your inventory management software. You will be lack behind with the actual work or actual goal of your online store or business.
  • It has a large database which is quite obvious to manage or look over it. But your inventory setup must be that large that it can hold all product data and if it fails to handle those, it’s worthless to use this inventory management of WooCommerce.
  • You may face many problems while working with this extension software. And sometimes it turns up to be time-consuming.